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Camerawork was a significant documentary photographic journal. It originated from the work of a number of photographers, who assembled around the Half Moon Photography Workshop and Half Moon Gallery in Limehouse, East London. The journal’s first issues being printed in 1976. The early issues of the journal document many social struggles, protest, working class everyday life, and the troubles in Ireland. Issues of the journal also contained theoretical essays from figures ranging from Jo Spence to John Berger to Victor Burgin. Although the journal continued to run throughout the 1980s, many of those involved during the early years resigned towards the end of the 1970s and the later issues lack some of the radical character of the early ones. The collection held is incomplete (if you have old issues, please donate them to us!), but contains many early issues. These copies were given to MayDay Rooms by Terry Dennett, who was in the original collective.

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